Combi Boiler in Kitchen

The difference between system, regular and combi boilers

There are different types of boilers for you to choose from such as combi boilers, each doing something different, and some boilers will not suit your lifestyle as well as others. Here is our guide to choosing the different types of boiler so you can get the best one for you. 

Combi boilers 

Combination boilers are a compact solution to hot water and central heating. They are immensely popular, with half of the boiler sales in the U.K being combi. A combi boiler is perfect for small households who need reliable access to hot water. They work as needed and provide instant heat, but this also means that if your boiler breaks, you have no reserve heat until the boiler is fixed. 

Also, combi boilers do not work well with several sources using the water, as it affects the pressure. So in large households, combi boilers don’t work nearly as well as it is more likely for several sources to use the water at once. 

Combi boilers can run on electricity, oil and gas. 

System boilers 

System boilers are still compact and are great for homes low on space, but work better for larger homes when compared with combination boilers as they work on a system that supports multiple sources using water at once. 

As they have all of the components installed and ready to go, the installation process will be easy and can be done within a day. 

Another great factor of the system boiler is that it can be powered by solar energy, which has a great environmental impact and will reduce your energy bills. 

However, there are some drawbacks to the system boiler. For one, they heat water in advance. This means if it runs out you may have to wait for your boiler to heat up more water, which is less efficient than the combi. 

System boilers can run on electricity, oil, and gas, as well as renewable solar energy. 

Regular boilers 

Regular boilers are an older form of heating system, found in older homes where a traditional heating system may already be in place. The boilers only work with water and are an older device compared to the system and combi boiler. 

These boilers still have their uses, and the main drawback is that they lose efficiency as they store water that will naturally lose its heat. Similar to the system boiler, regular boilers are good for those that have multiple bathrooms or large family home as the water pressure will not drop over multiple sources. 

Which boiler is for me? 

As you can see there are several different types of boiler, that each run on different types of fuel. It is up to you to determine which boiler you need based on your home and your requirements.