Gas Boiler

The different types of boiler fuel

There are several different types of fuel, just as there is a variety of boiler types such as a gas boiler. So, finding the right boiler fuel you need for your unit is something you will need to consider, that’s why we have made this list so you get the best fuel for you. 

Gas Boiler

Natural gas is the most common fuel type found in boilers. Efficient, affordable and reliable, gas has become the standard fuel for boilers across the country. When your boiler is fitted, your engineer will link your boiler to your gas provider. However, there is a chance that gas will not be provided in your area, and it can cost a lot of money to get the supply if you are determined to have gas. 

There is an alternative to natural gas called LPG. LPG is offered as an alternative to natural gas when it is too expensive to provide natural. LPG can be installed via orange valves added to your boiler and will then work the same as natural gas: an efficient and reliable source for heating. 

Gas will work in all gas heating systems and is versatile enough to be a good source of fuel in heating systems. 


Oil is the other prominent heater of homes. Whilst gas has taken over as a primary fuel source, oil still powers 1.5m homes in the U.K. However, the boilers that oil works with are often very large and need to be installed outside of the home. It makes them harder to maintain and less convenient than the gas boilers found in the home. 

With this in mind, oil is still readily available and one of the most consistent sources for your heating. 


A traditional way of gaining energy, coal is a fuel that whilst incredibly powerful, is also very bad for the environment. 

Coal is mostly carbon and sulphur, which when burned are incredibly harsh to the environment and will react with oxygen to create carbon dioxide, which blocks airflow and thus warms up the earth. 

With the drive towards cleaner energy, coal has become far less popular over the years, and its impact on the environment is detrimental to the future of coal as a fuel resource. 

Choosing the fuel 

As it is readily available and natural, natural gas is the best choice for your boiler. With it being increasingly used in more towns and cities across the country, gas is seemingly the way the energy sector is going. LFG is also a good alternative to natural gas, which is more affordable when natural gas isn’t in your area.