Worcester Bosch or Valliant: Which brand of boiler is best?

What is the best boiler brand in 2021? We know it’s the question every boiler buyer wants to know the answer to, ensuring they purchase a high-quality boiler for their home. Here we are going to advise you on what to look for, what to steer clear of, and why the Worcester Bosch boiler is being rated the best boilers installed. 

You probably weren’t aware of your boiler – until it failed you. It was a seldom thought of box taking up space somewhere in your home. Simply going about its job in peace with its unfailing work ethic to provide you with heating and hot water knowing full well you not only don’t care for it but prefer to pretend it’s not an eye-saw ruining the interior of your home. 

Then one day out of the blue, in what feels like spiteful revenge from the white box on the wall or hidden in the cupboard, your heating system decided today is the day to go down. 

Now the time has come to greaten your own personal knowledge of boilers. We know it’s no one’s dream to be informed about the latest popular choice in a wide range of combi boilers. It feels like wasted knowledge as it’s rarely the question of “What’s the difference between a vented boiler and a gas boiler?” ever arises in a pub quiz.

We can reassure you that having knowledge of which boiler you are purchasing for your home will benefit you in the long run. Ensuring you have many happy years ignoring your boiler as it works tirelessly as your home’s central heating system. 

If you have a keen eye and are paying attention, you may have already spotted a spoiler as to what we believe to be the best boiler brand: Worcester Bosch Boilers. However there is much more to it than just choosing a boiler based on our beliefs, boilers are far more than that. 

The Best Boiler Brands of 2021

We didn’t just pluck boiler names out of nowhere and rank them. We spent plenty of time reviewing the following factors to be able to provide you with an informed choice:

Warranty periods offered by each brand
The overall existing reputation of each brand
Awards awarded by WHICH? Best Buy Awards
Customer service performance
The price range of the boilers
Efficiency ratings

After a lot of extensive research, this feels like a big moment for us to announce our top five ranking boiler brands. Are you ready? Because we are.

The Boiler Co’s Top Five rated boiler brands:

1: Worcester Bosch

An already well-known name amongst those with ample boiler knowledge and those with none at all. It’s one of the UK’s most sought-after boiler brands, especially when it comes to the Worcester bosch Greenstar boiler.

Being one of the most energy-efficient boilers on the market, this brand even saves you money in the long run. Bosch has won the Which? Best Buy awards for ten years on the trot, matching the ten-year warranty they provide with every boiler.

2: Viessmann

Viessman is a considerable force in the European boiler market, alongside this are leading the way when it comes to commercial boiler installations. They’ve arrived in the UK, bestowing their extraordinary German engineering in the domestic market. Their Gas Combination Boilers have wowed us and those at the WHICH? Best buy awards to earn themselves a well-deserved award for their Viessmann Vitodens 050-W Gas Combi Boiler.

3: Vaillant

Yet another award winner at the WHICH? Best buy awards and a huge participant in the British boiler marker. There are no regular boilers.

Any Vaillant product is exceptional. Boasting boilers that can generate an impressive 17 litres of water per minute. These boilers are manufactured in the UK to impeccably high standards, loved by boiler installers and offer great warranties.

4: Ideal

Forgetting the name of the brand, an Ideal boiler might just be the Ideal boiler for you. Ideal boilers have been the mainstay of the British boiler market for what feels like 140 years. Relentlessly staying on the market for many years.
Their combi boilers range from budget to elite and everything in between. Tailoring to all of their customer’s needs, providing a product suitable for everyone with strong warranties protecting their products for years to come.


BAXI is not always considered the most premium on the boiler market. Yet they certainly have premium products back up by their award-winning customer service.

BAXI has an impressive amount of combi boilers, more than we can list on two hands! All coming with an equally impressive warranty protecting the life of the boiler. If you’re looking for great quality and a bit of a bargain, we certainly recommend a BAXI Boiler.

We hope this has left you feeling a lot more informed about which are the best boiler brands in 2021. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with us if you’re in need of someone to help you install that new boiler or if you’d like some more advice on which boiler is right for you.

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