How often should I get a gas boiler service?

Want to avoid the cost of a new boiler installation? Having a regular gas boiler service can greatly reduce the risk of your boiler breaking down. Saving you from forking out emergency plumbers.

So how often should you have your boiler serviced? We recommend having your boiler serviced at least once a year to ensure that it’s operating to its highest standard. Having your boiler serviced regularly will ensure that it is operating not only efficiently but safely – There are many dangers to be had with using a faulty boiler. 

Faulty boilers cause up to 250 hospitalizations a year due to the result of non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning. During a boiler service, a gas-safe registered engineer would check your boiler for any leaks or irregularities to ensure the safety of you and your family. Giving you peace of mind every day. 

Many boiler warranties and business insurance policies actually require you to complete a regular service to ensure that your boiler is safe. An annual boiler service meets a large majority of most insurance policy requirements, however, we always recommend that you check with your insurance provider to ensure you are meeting their standards. 

Summer is always the best time of year to book your boiler in for a service. No one wants a new boiler cost for Christmas. Not only will you ensure that you are prepared for those costly winter months when you’ll need your boiler the most, but also engineers tend to be a lot less busy during these months. Meaning it’s also easier to schedule a service that fits your schedule a lot better. 

We always recommend that after your boiler service, you note down the date and set a reminder for when to book your next boiler service in. Alongside this, you should always ensure that you book your service with a gas safe registered engineer. 

Why not save yourself the stress and trouble of finding a gas-safe engineer and use our services. The Boiler Co has a team of fully qualified and experienced gas safe registered engineers. We offer our gas services on both commercial and domestic properties providing you with first-class service and expert advice on your boiler. Whether you have a combi boiler or an electric boiler, we can provide a quality service.

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