Types of Boilers - Combi Boilers & More

After our initial site survey, we will recommend the best products suitable for your property. This depends on your needs and the size of your property, however, we will always find the right boiler for you! We specialise in a range of boilers including combi boiler, which are perfect for a family home.

The Boiler Co only use the best products on the market and industries leading brands to ensure that our customer satisfaction rate is maintained to a high standard with the best after-care and longest warranty periods. Whether you are looking for electric or combi boilers, we have the perfect product for your property.

Combi Boiler

Combi Boiler

  • Cost Saving
  • Space saving
  • Higher Energy efficiency than other systems
  • Suitable for most locations in your home
  • No hot water cylinder required
  • Lower Hot water flow rates
  • Hot Water and Heating cannot run simultaneously
  • Hot Water pressure drops when more than 1 tap is used

The combi boiler is the most frequently chosen product for most homeowners.

This is a space saving option, can be fitted in most locations in your home and depending on the product even in a kitchen cupboard.

The combi boiler option is not only space saving but also cost saving, as it has the ability to instantaneously heat up hot water which means there is no requirement for a hot water cylinder.

Open Vented Boiler

  • Minimal disruption

  • Cheaper Installation costs

  • Still require space for the existing hot water cylinder

  • Have to keep tanks in loft

  • Unless installed with a unvented cylinder the hot water pressure will be low

  • Large amounts of stored hot water (can be wasteful)

  • Heating system harder to keep clean as it will not be sealed

If you don’t have a combination boiler already the chances are you have a conventional boiler.


Although you may need a boiler replacement your hot water cylinder may still be okay. If this is the case a cost saving and minimal disruption option is to replace the boiler only. This would not apply if you have an old back boiler situated in the chimney breast.


Sealed Heat Only Boiler

  • Minimal disruption

  • Hot water at multiple outlets without pressure drop

  • Cheaper installation cost

  • Still require space the existing hot water cylinder

  • Large amounts of stored hot water (can be wasteful)

If you already have a pressurised unvented hot water cylinder, usually it is just the boiler that will need replacing. If you have an old vented hot water system these boilers can still be used allowing we seal your heating system.


Sealing the heating system enables the heating circuit making run more efficiently and helps keep the system clean.

Hot Water Unvented Cylinders

  • Higher hot water pressure

  • Long manufacturer’s warranty

  • Suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms

  • Emersion Backup In the event of boiler malfunction

  • Higher Installation costs

  • Requires more space

  • Must have a feasible and safe route for pressure relief pipework

We can replace your existing hot water cylinder with like for like products or you can use the opportunity to upgrade.


If your existing hot water cylinder isn’t providing enough hot water or not running at a high enough pressure, this can be resolved by installing an unvented cylinder.


It may be that you already have one which is faulty or that you have an old type system which isn’t up to your requirements.

Electric Boilers

  • Agreement duration 12 months
  • Item value (cash price) £2,100
  • Upfront payment £0
  • Total amount of credit £2,100
  • Annual rate of interest (fixed) 0% PA
  • Representative APR 0%
  • Monthly payments £175
  • Total amount payable £2,100

Electric boilers may be the future. With no requirement for a gas supply, condense route or a flue exhaust system, these boilers really can be fitted almost anywhere.


Most of the electric boilers we have installed have been predominantly in flats and apartments where the existing flues for the old gas boilers are installed in the ceiling voids making it a very messy and intricate process to remove and replace.


Therefore the electric combi has many advantages for a quick and mess free installation.

Energy Efficient Products


Based on an average property size, the Vaillant ECOtec Exclusive IQ can save you over £500 per year on your energy bills. On a typical £3,000 installation with a 10 year warranty this boiler pays for itself!

CASE STUDY - Combi Boiler

In 2016, Ms. Watson, the homeowner decided to upgrade the heating and hot water system in her property. The upgrade involved the removal of a 30kW combi boiler, with the aim to ultimately increase the efficiency of the system, whilst also minimising monthly outgoings.


The ecoTEC exclusive offered outstanding eco-credentials which optimise running cycles, resulting in even lower gas consumption. The property is 98m2, with one shower and bath, so after a short assessment it was felt that a 35kW output boiler was more than sufficient for the homeowner’s circumstances and requirements.


This was an extremely busy household, with all members of the property being in and out of the house at various times, therefore it was felt that the vSMARTTM was ideal as heating and hot water can be managed anytime, anywhere from the app.


The monthly energy bills for this property since the install have reduced from £119 per month, to £70 per month, offering a yearly fuel saving of £588.


Annual Fuel Saving – £588
Projected lifetime (15 years) fuel cost saving – £7,056
Boiler Payback – 4 years 3 months
Payback vs other premium boilers – 4 months

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