Boiler Service

How often should I get a boiler service?

A boiler service is a crucial step to making sure your property is safe and everything is working as it should be. Whilst it may seem like a strange request, getting your boiler serviced is something that you will need to do frequently, and it is often best for it to be done by a professional until you believe you are in a good enough spot to do it yourself. 

The best practice is for you to service your boiler every year. This way you have frequent opportunities to see if your boiler is suffering in any way and if anything needs to be updated. It can depend on which manufacturer you choose to have your boiler from, but checking it every 12 months should be a standard. 

How much does a service cost? 

Servicing your gas boiler each year can cost anywhere between £60 and £250. This may seem like a steep price range, however, it depends on those doing the service, and if it is an annual fee or a one of service, as well as any changes needing to be made to the boiler. As well as this it is a dangerous task which must be carried out by a professional which is why it is worth paying the price for it to be done correctly.

Can I do a boiler service myself? 

It is possible to conduct a service yourself. However, we would recommend having it serviced by a licensed professional a few times until you are confident enough with your boiler to do it yourself. We always recommend getting a trained Gas Safe Registered professional to service your boiler. As it can be an extremely dangerous task due to the materials and gases that are used. The Boiler Co are accredited providers for servicing boilers such as Valliant and Worcester Bosch, so you know you can rely on us to provide a high standard of service, to find out more please contact us here.

Boiler Service
Technician servicing heating boiler in a house. Maintenance concept